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Galaxy Purple Clay 4.8L Slow Cooker TB-4800 [TB-4800]  $189.00  $169.00 

Galaxy Purple Clay Electrical Appliances follows the operation conception of "Chinese Famous Household Electricity Appliances Manufacturer". During more than 10 years after its foundation, it has been developing green and environment protective electric cookers for high-quality and respected customers pursuing health. Since the end of

1980s, Galaxy has invented Purple Clay Slow Cooker, Purple Clay Stewing Mug, etc. Today, it has series such as purple clay fast cooker, purple clay hotpot, purple clay saucepot, purple clay electrical pot, purple clay herbal kettle, etc. Galaxy Purple Clay Electrical Appliances has been bestowed the honor of "Purple Clay Expert". As a professional manufacturer of Chinese purple clay electricity cooker, it has been devoted to invent electricity cookers with unique oriental culture, and perfectly combines Chinese dietary with a history of thousands of years with ceramics culture. It is leading the prosperous development of the whole purple clay cooker industry!

Origin of Purple Clay

Purple clay is a unique mineral resource in China. Purple clay utensils began to be used in the 9th century, A.D., Song Dynasty, and became popular in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. It has already got a history of more than 1000 years. It has been entitled many honors, such as "no jewels in the world can match the soil of Jingxi", and "the price of soil can compete that of gold, and the world is pursuing luxury", etc. As early as the 15th century, when was the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, it was already exported to the Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia. Today, Galaxy Purple Clay Electricity Appliances is walking along the Silk Road created by our ancestors to add glory to the revival of Chinese ceramics culture. 

Characteristics of the product

• TB purple clay/Pottery pot is designed for cooking soup, congee and braising tonic and not for cooking rice .

• Applying many patents, it has many a good qualities and excellent performances.

• 50% electricity savings than the traditional electric tile cooker

• Using purple clay, Pottery to construct the inner pot. It has the advantage of anti-acid and anti-corrosion functions. It contains many kinds of mineral substances that are beneficial to health. It can preserve food's original taste and will not lose its nutrition.

 In Stock.  

Galaxy Purple Clay 4.8L Slow Cooker TB-4800 Galaxy Purple Clay 4.8L Slow Cooker TB-4800  
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 12 February, 2016.
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