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Wino Purple Clay Slow Cooker 6L [WIN-PUR6]  $149.00  $129.00 

Electric purple clay 6L slow cooker 
1.printed iron body with removable purple clay inner pot, environmentally friendly and easy 

2.Bakelite knob and pair-handle
3.Makes everything taste wonderful, and the kitchen stays tidy. 


 Purple clay (a kind of ceramic) which is the unique mineral resource of China also be known as “ZiSha”, famous for Chinese purple clay teapot. Purple clay Crockpot was found in Song Dynasty which has had more than one thousand year history till now. 

Features of purple clay

(a). Purple clay is a kind of ceramic which is a much safer and healthy inorganic material.
(b). Purple clay is flexible and not easy to be out of shape.
(c). Purple clay Crockpot, with its good Permeability; the purple clay pot is an ideal choice for cooking and blooming food.
(d). Compare with the traditional metal and Teflon coated cookware, the purple clay is a much safer, healthier and environmental material as cookware.
(e). Purple clay has good permeability and water-proof, which can extend the storage time of food and make the food tastier, that’s why most people prefer to use purple clay cooker instead of metal ones.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 November, 2015.
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