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Better Music Builder 8-Channel Mixer DX-6000 [DX-6000]  $699.00  $599.01 

The new Better Music Builder 6-Channel Mixer is EXCELLENT!!!
Our engineering team at Better Music Builder uses state-of-the-art audio technologies to design this product. The DX-6000 G2 Mixer is a CPU-controlled mixer with eight channels to maximize the sound quality and effects. It is the most customizable machine ever created by Better Music Builder.

The design principle for the new DX-6000 G2 Mixer is flexibility. Customers usually buy a great quality system only to end up with their new system not compatible with their current set up. At Better Music Builder we recognize our customers have different audio and entertainment needs. The DX-6000 G2 Mixer provides them with that need of having a system that is compatible with any set up they may have, without lacking in performance. The DX-6000 G2 Mixer is designed to cater to your ideal music and audio connection.

New features for Better Music Builder’s mixer line include a headphone jack for monitoring effects. Also new is the added PC control software made popular by the DX-222 G2 and DX-288 G2 Mixing Amplifier, “Effect Control Software Suite.” With it, the DX-6000 G2 Mixer can be connected with a PC with built-in control software through USB. Included in the new mixer is also the remote control that was lacking in the previous generation.


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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 10 June, 2012.
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