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Product Name Model Price  
AILIANG New home theater Karaoke system 8inch with light displayUSBFM-A8811$149.00
Ailiang passive Speaker AL-450AL-450$399.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Cinnamon 1.5 metresCinnamon$110.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Cinnamon 2.0 metresCinnamon$119.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Cinnamon 3.0 metresCinnamon$179.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Forest 1.5 metresForest$65.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Forest 2.0 metresForest$72.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Forest 3 metresForest$95.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Pearl 1.5 metresPearl$46.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Pearl 2 metresPearl$52.00
Audio Quest HDMI Cable Pearl 3 metresPearl$70.00
Audio Quest Stereo interconnect cable with RCA plugs (1 meter)BIG SUR1M$129.00
AudioQuest 1.5M multi-colored component video cableYIQ-A$64.90
AudioQuest 1M component video cable YIQ-AYIQ-A$39.00
AudioQuest 1M multi-colored component video cableYIQ-A 1M$49.00
AudioQuest Analog Interconnect: Colorado (1m)Colorado$899.10
AudioQuest Analog Interconnect: Columbia (1m)Columbia$499.00
AudioQuest Analog Interconnects: 1M G-SnakeG-Snake$49.00
AudioQuest Analog Interconnects: 1M King CobraKing Cobra 1M$289.00
AudioQuest Analog RCA Interconnects - Copperhead 1mCopperhead$129.00
AudioQuest Double Star-Quad Geometry: Gibraltar (5m)Gibraltar$2,499.00
AudioQuest Sidewinder audio cable - RCA 1MSidewinder 1M$99.00
AudioQuest Speaker Cable Rocket 44 - 3meterRocket 44 - 3m$499.00
AudioQuest Speaker Cable Type 8 - 3 metersType 8 - 3m$629.00
AudioQuest StarQuad Geometry: Type 4 (3m)Type 4$329.00
AudioQuest Subwoofer Cables: 4.5M Sub-ASub-A 4.5m$79.00
AudioQuest YIQ component video cables- 1mYIQ-1 (1M)$79.00
AudioQuest YIQ-1 component video cables- 1mYIQ-1$69.00
Balance wheel ScooterSCOOTER$299.09
Better Music Builder DFS-112 SUB Bass Powered SubwooferDFS-112 SUB$1,050.00
Better Music Builder DX-388D 1300w Mixer AmplifierDX-388D$1,599.00
Better Music Builder VM-52UG2 UHF Wireless MicrophoneVM-52UG2$199.00
BMB Centre speaker DFS-306 (Single)DFS-306$660.00
BMB Mixer Amplifier and Speaker Combo DX-213G2+ CS-250G2DX-213G2 +CS250G2$1,300.00
BMB Mixer Amplifier and Speaker Combo DX-213G2+ CS-500DX-213/CS500$1,400.00
BMB Mixer Amplifier and Speaker Combo DX-333G2+ CS-250G2DX-333G2+ CS-250G2$1,050.00
BMB Mixer Amplifier and Speaker Combo DX-388D+ CS-812G3DX-388D/CS-812G3$2,000.00
BMB Mixer Amplifier DX-213G2 800wDX-213G2$950.00
BMB Mixer Amplifier DX-333G2DX-333G2$699.00
BMB Speaker CS-250G2 400watts (pair)CS-250G2$399.00
BMB Speaker CS-500v 450watts (pair)CS-500v$599.00
BMB Speaker CS-600G2 450watts (pair)CS-600G2$950.00
Celestion F35C Centre SpeakerC-F35C$350.00
Commercial Ice Shaver SEGAweBY-169$799.00
Cuckoo - 10 Cup Pressure Cooker/Rice Cooker CRP-M1059FCRP-M1059F$329.00
Cuckoo 10 cup IH pressure cooker CRP-CHSSR01009FCRP-CHSSR01009F$619.00
Cuckoo 35 Cup Commercial Rice Cooker CR-3511CR-3511$298.99
Cuckoo 6 Cup Electric Pressure Rice Cooker / Warmer : CRP-N0681FCRP-N0681F$359.00
Cuckoo 6 cup IH pressure cooker CRP-DHSR0609FCRP-DHSR0609F$520.00
Definitive Technology SuperCube Reference SubwooferSupercube Reference$2,499.00
Denon A/V Receiver AVR1709BAVR1709B$599.00
Denon Receiver AVR3808SAVR3808S$1,499.00
DMD8000 Karaoke DVD player With bonus MicrophoneDMD8000PCK$349.00
DVD-RAM Disc 3x Speed 3-Pack LM-AF120LE3LM-AF120LE3]$12.00
Electric Hotpot SteamboatWIN-STB$89.00
Enpa 120 Wireless Microphone Pair with ReceiverEnpa-120$499.00
Flavorwave Oven TurboFlavorwave$89.00
G-2 9M Speaker CableG-2$45.00
Galaxy Automatic Egg Boiler TOP-6TOP-6$49.00
Galaxy Multi-Function 10 Litre Air Fryer MAC-228MAC-228$289.00
Galaxy Purple Clay 4.8L Slow Cooker TB-4800TB-4800$169.00
Galaxy Purple Clay 6.8L Slow Cooker TB-6800TB-6800$179.00
Galaxy Stainless Steel New Pressure Cooker 6LTL6000$169.00
Galaxy Tiger SET-400A 4 Litre Electric Steam Boat with GrillSET-400A$139.00
Hanet PlayX One Vietnamese and English Karaoke PlayerHANET PlayX One$950.00
Hatsuyuki Ice ShaverHC-S23A$1,799.00
High Power Commercial Blender 1200Watt BlenderKT777$299.00
Ice Shaver AkebonoAkebono$79.00
Inner Pan Replacement For Tiger JBA T10AInner Pan T10A$80.00
Jiuyong 1.3L Soymilk MakerSOY-1300$109.00
JVC Receiver RX-7032vRX-7032A$350.00
Karaoke Hard drive KOD-8H with 19' Touch Screen 100k SongsKOD-8H-6T /19''Touch$1,499.00
Karaoke Hard drive KOD-8H with 19' Touch Screen 60k SongsKOD-8H-3T + Touchscreen$999.00
Karaoke KTV 4TB HD - 21000 VN songsKTV-4TB$1,150.00
Kef Bookshelf Speakers Q300Q300$900.00
Kef C series C1B SpeakerC1B$499.00
Kef C series C3B SpeakerC3B$599.00
Kef C series C6LCRB SpeakerC6LCRB$429.00
KEF C5 Floor Standing SpeakersC5$799.00
KEF C7 Floor Standing Speakersc7$999.00
Kef Centre Speaker R600CR600C$1,849.99
KEF Chanel Q600Q600$999.00
KEF Floorstanding Speakers Q700Q700$2,450.00
KEF Home Theater System E305E305$1,899.00
KEF IQ2C Centre SpeakerIQ2C$350.00
Kef Kube1B Sub WooferKube1B$699.00
KEF Kube2 10" Dual Subwoofer KUBE2KUBE2$999.00
KEF R200c centre speakerR200c$2,199.00
KEF R300 Bookshelf SpeakerKEF R300 Bookshelf$2,299.00
KEF R400B SubwooferR400B$2,399.00
KEF R500 speakerR500$3,499.00
KEF R700 speakerR700$5,500.00
Kef Reference 203/2 SpeakersReference 203/2$8,998.99
Kef Reference 205/2 Speakers - High gloss205/2$10,999.00
Kef Speakers Q500Q500$1,699.00
Kef Speakers Q900Q900$2,799.00
KEF Speakers R900 Floor SpeakersR900$7,699.00
Kef Surround Speakers T105 SystemT105 System$1,799.00
Kef Surround Speakers T205 SystemT205System$2,699.00
KEF’s flagship loudspeaker LS50 Floor StockLS50$1,899.00
KEF’s latest flagship loudspeaker LS50LS50$2,100.00
Meridian G06.2B Compact Disc PlayerG06.2B$3,299.00
Mini Bluetooth Speaker MusicMUSIC$18.00
Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Bike mount.BT608$49.00
Multi-Purpose Vacuum Jug MU-13LMU-13L$35.00
NEW 2000Watt Infrared Cooker - Suitable all types of potsJD49G$179.00
NEW 30KG Stainless Steel Rice Box RB-3000RB-3000$99.00
New 400Watt Ailiang Amplifier Mixer AL29 with USB & SDAL-29$598.00
New Ailiang home theater 3.1 Karaoke system 8inch with USBUSBFM-A5308DT$328.90
New home theater 2.1 Karaoke system 8inch with USBUSBFM-A3030DT$249.00
New Portable Bluetooth Speaker RubyBT-SPK$29.00
New Tiger 10 Cup Taco Rice Cooker JAX-S18AJAX-S18A$330.00
New Tiger 5.5 Cup Taco Rice Cooker JAX-S10AJAX-S10A$300.00
New TVPAD4TVPAD4$299.00
Nissindo LX-2020 VHF Dual Wireless Microphone System G2LX-2020$299.00
One for All 3D Full HD Antenna Premium Amplifier 51dB;25KMSV-9395$139.00
One for All Full HD Indoor Antenna SV-9345SV-9345$99.00
ONE FOR ALL Indoor Antenna SV9141SV9141$49.00
Onkyo 3 D Network Receiver TX-NR509BTX-NR509B$499.00
Onkyo 5.1-Channel A/V Surround Home Theatre Receiver TX-SR507TX-SR507$499.00
Onkyo 6 Disc CD changer DX-C390DX-C390$349.00
Onkyo A/v receiver TX-SR607TX-SR607$599.01
Onkyo CD player DX-7555DX-7555$699.00
Onkyo Ipod Dock UP-A1UP-A1$79.00
Onkyo TX-NR3030 11.2 Network A/V ReceiverTX-NR3030$3,999.00
Onkyo TX-NR838 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver w/ HDMI 2.0TX-NR838$1,800.00
Onkyo TX-SR876 AV ReceiverTX-SR876$1,099.00
Outdoor High Pressure Gas Burner Gas Cooker NEA2SPNEA2SP$259.00
Panasonic 10 Cup Rice Cooker SR-ZE185SR-ZE185$170.00
Panasonic 2 pack 60 minute VHS-C TapesNV-EC60HM2$12.00
Panasonic 4 pack 45 minute VHS-C Tapes NV-EC45HF4NV-EC45HF4$12.95
Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TGH222AZBKX-TGh222$139.00
Panasonic Cordless phone twin-pack KX-TG8162ALBKX-TG8162ALB$129.00
Panasonic Cordless Phones KX-TG6563ALTKX-TGH6563$159.00
Panasonic Home theater system SC-BTT405SC-BTT405$429.00
Panasonic K-KJ18MCCC4TA Eneloop Battery 4 Pack with ChargerK-KJ18MCCC4TA$37.00
Panasonic KX-TG8033ALB Cordless Phone – Triple PackKX TG 8033ALB$219.00
Panasonic NN-ST342W Microwave OvenNN-ST342W$179.00
Panasonic NN-ST671S Microwave OvenNN-ST671S$299.00
Panasonic Pair Cordless Homephone with Key Finder KX-TG7892AZSKX-TG7892AZS$135.00
Panasonic Portable Radio Cassette RX-D50RX-D50$179.00
Panasonic VW-VBG130E- Camcorder BatteryVW-VBG130E$179.00
Replacement Inner Pan for 5.5 cups Tiger Rice Cooker (JNP-1000)PPT1000$70.00
Replacement Inner Pan of Tiger 10 cups Rice Cooker (JNP-1801)PPT1801$75.00
Replacement Inner Pan of Tiger 15 cups Rice Cooker - JCC-2700PPT2700$110.00
Screen Technics CinemaSnap Matt White Fixed FrameCinemasnap$599.00
Sony Amplifier STR-DA3400ESSTR-DA3400ES$1,199.00
Sony Amplifier STR-DG820STR-DG820$599.00
Sony Video Hi8 P5-90HMP3P590HMP3$18.00
SP-36 Extendable Speaker StandSP-36$69.00
Speaker mount SPS-506SPS-506$39.00
Speaker Wall Mount (Pair)SP-Mount$99.00
Special Stove Top Pressure Cooker$180.00
Stainless steel Pressure Cooker 8L cook on StoveWIN-PRESS8L$189.00
Sunbeam Golunch Food WarmerHP3000A$49.00
Thermostat for Tiger Rice Cooker JNOB360JNBTHERMO$35.00
Tiger 1.6L Thermal Carafe PRM-A160PRM-A160$70.00
Tiger 10 Cup Rice Cooker Inner Pan JAG-A18APAN-JAG18$75.00
Tiger 10 Cup Rice Cooker Inner Pan JBA-T18APPT-JBAT18A$80.00
Tiger 10 Cup Rice Cooker JNP-1800JNP-1800$215.00
Tiger 15 Cup Rice Cooker JCC-2700 - Made In JapanJCC-2700$349.00
Tiger 20 Cup Rice Cooker Inner Pan JNO-B360PPT-JNOB360$179.00
Tiger 3 L Electric Water Heater PDU-A30PDU-A30A$229.00
Tiger 4 L Electric Water Heater PDU-A40PDU-A40A$249.00
Tiger 4.5L Thermal Cooker - Made In JapanNFH-G450$269.00
Tiger 5.5 Cup Rice Cooker Inner Pan JAH-A10APAN-JAG10$75.00
Tiger 5.5 Cup Rice Cooker JNP-1000 - Made In JapanJNP-1000$190.00
Tiger 5L Electric Water Heater PDU-A50PDU-A50$269.00
Tiger 6L Thermal Magic Cooker NFI-A600XSNFI-A600$349.00
Tiger Air Pump Jug PNM-B220 Made in JapanPNM-B220$89.00
Tiger Air Pump Jug PNM-B300 Made in JapanPNM-B300$99.00
Tiger commercial use 20 Cup rice cooker JNO-B360 Made In JapanJNO-B360$540.00
Tiger Double Wok burner with safety gas cooker YC-888S PackageYC-888S GASLEAD$259.00
Tiger Double Wok Burners Gas Cookers with Safety Device YC-888SYC-888S$250.00
Tiger Induction Heating (IH) 10 Cup Rice cooker JKT-S18AJKT-S18A$550.00
Tiger Induction Heating (IH) 5.5 Cup Rice cooker JKT-S10AJKT-S10A$510.00
TIGER JUG with tea strainer PRQ-A100PRQA100$60.00
Tiger Lunch Box LWR-A092 made in JapanLWR-A092$65.00
Tiger MMU-S030 -Mugs & Tumblers- Made in Japan 0.3LitreMMU-S030$55.00
Tiger MMW-A036 Stainless Steel MugMMW-A036$45.00
Tiger Multi use JNP-1803 10-Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer/WarmerJNP-1803$249.00
Tiger New Double Gas Burner CT282 + Gas HoseCT-282$175.00
Tiger New High Powered Gas Cooker Man-7HMAN-7H$269.00
Tiger rice cooker sparepart: Centre Gasket(Rubber)JND2155$12.00
Tiger Rice dispenser RFC-2300RFC-2300$149.00
Tiger Rice dispenser RFC-3300RFC-3300$139.00
Tiger Sahara Thermal Bottle Slim 0.35 litre MSC-B035MSC-B035$36.00
Tiger silicon sheet for Tiger JNOB360 20 Cup rice cookerJNOSILICONE$39.00
Tiger Single Gas Burner CT181 and Gas HoseCT-181$135.00
Tiger Sports bottle MMN-W080 (0.80L)MMN-W100$59.00
TIGER stainless bottle Gold 0.3L MMq-S030-NHMMQ-S030$55.00
Tiger Stainless steel Air pump Jug MAAA302MAAA302$109.00
Tiger Stainless Steel Bottle MBK-A080MBK-A080$48.00
Tiger Stainless Steel Bottle MBK-A100MBK A100$58.00
Tiger Stainless Steel Bottle Sahara MHK 170Sahara MHKA170$75.00
Tiger Stainless Steel Food Jar 0.7 litre MCW-P071MCW-P071$59.00
Tiger Stainless steel Food Jar MCW-P091 (0.9L)MCW-P091$59.00
Tiger stainless steel Jug PRT-A19SPRT-A19S$69.00
Tiger Stainless Steel Sports Bottles MHK-A200(2.0L)MHK-A200$85.00
Tiger Stainless Steel Thermal Jug PWL-A120XSPWL-A120XS$59.00
Tiger Stainless Steel Thermal Jug PWL-A162XSPWL-A162XS$65.00
Tiger Stainless steel Thermal Mug MSE-A40 0.4LMSE-A40$49.00
Tiger Stainless steel Thermal Mug MSE-A50 0.5LMSE-A50$59.00
Tiger Tea strainer mug MMR-A045MMR-A045$49.00
Tiger Thermal Bottle MJA-A036MJA-A036$70.00
Tiger Thermal Bottle MJA-A048MJA-A048$80.00
Tiger thermal food holder TJFM-5700TJFM-5700$299.00
Tiger Thermal Lunch boxes LWR-A072LWR-A072$69.00
Tiger Thermal Lunch boxes LWU-B170LWU-B170$79.00
Tiger Thermal Lunch boxes LWU-B200LWU-B200$89.00
Tiger Thermal Lunch boxes LWU-F200LWU-F200$99.00
Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker NFI-A800XSNFI-A800$369.00
Tiger Vacuum Jug 1.0 Litre PRDN100PRDN100$49.00
Tiger Vacuum Jug 1.3 Litre PRT-A13SPRT-A13S$55.00
TX-NR636 7.2-Ch Dolby Atmos Ready Network A/V Receiver w/ HDMI 2TX-NR636$999.00
Vlliodor 800w Mixer Amplifier with USBDS-1019$700.00
VM-62U Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone SystemVM-62U$599.00
VM-82U G3 Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone SystemVM-82U G3$900.00
VM-93C G2 Professional UHF Rechargeable Wireless MicrophoneVM-93C G2$1,150.00
WINO Automatic Herbal Pot 4LWIN-HP4$129.00
Wino Purple Clay Slow Cooker 6LWIN-PUR6$129.00